Yan Krupnik

Yan Krupnik

Yan Krupnik is the director of business development at Retalon, an award-winning provider of advanced retail predictive analytics and AI solutions for supply chain, planning, merchandising, inventory management, and pricing optimization, with a transformational approach to the retail industry.

Set Yourself Up for Retail Success in 2020 With Proper Fulfillment Planning

The rush of the holiday season has passed and your retail business is ready to dive headfirst into 2020 sales. If, like most retailers, you're planning to make this your best year yet, you're probably looking to significantly increase your volume of orders. It's a noble aspiration, however, if you're unprepared to meet these ever-growing…

How Predictive Analytics Will Increase Your Profits in 2016

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start looking at your shelves — made bare by wave upon wave of aggressive holiday shoppers — and begin executing your plan for the new year. 2016 could be the year that you adopt a comprehensive solution to keep your inventory appropriately stocked with the right…