Warren Becker

Warren Becker

Warren Becker is the chief operating officer of Cosmetic Solutions, recognized worldwide as a leader in the formulation and manufacture of turnkey private label skin care and personal care products. Cosmetic Solutions’ natural, scientifically proven offerings are used by renowned skin care leaders and physicians, established cosmetic brands and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to help customers achieve results. Warren holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Miami and has partnered in the success of hundreds of health and beauty brands.

A Crash Course in Marketing to 3 Generations of Consumers

According to HubSpot's 2018 State of Inbound study, 63 percent of respondents called traffic and lead generation their top marketing challenges. Every marketer wants to procure high-quality leads, but only those who properly identify their target audiences succeed. Modern consumers demand increasingly personal experiences, so understanding what an audience wants is critical. In the beauty space…

3 Ways Crowdsourced Information Helps Build Brands

Crowdsourcing can be a powerful marketing asset, but many companies need direction on how to implement it correctly. Effective crowdsourcing seeks insights directly from brand followers instead of the general public, which allows companies to focus on the customers most likely to drive revenue. Not only does focusing on advocates provide brands the information they…