Vered Levy-Ron

Vered Levy-Ron

Vered is a seasoned executive with extensive business development and general management experience; formerly General Manager and Vice President at Taboola News, Vice President of Business Development at nanotechnology incubator Landa Labs, and CEO of HumanEyes Technologies.

How Visual AI is Driving Sustainability in Retail

For decades, the topic of sustainability was on the back burner for brands and retailers across their business models, networks of manufacturers, and supply chains. But now, that’s starting to change. Retailers in every sector are boosting their commitment to sustainability. For some brands, being environmentally friendly has been a core element of their DNA…

Where is Physical Retail Heading? Navigating 3 Diverging Strategies

The way people shop in stores is changing. Concerns of safety still exist, and many people continue to practice social distancing. Furthermore, with the emergence of COVID-19 variants, in-store shopping behaviors are prone to shift overnight. Although all retailers are now operating in the same pandemic era, there's no consensus among them on what in-person…