Carl Van Ostrand

Carl Van Ostrand

Carl Van Ostrand is the VP of Consumer Insights for DISQO, an audience first insights platform amplifying innovation via a symphony of high fidelity data.

In his role, he develops new applications of behavioral data while helping clients address needs using behavioral data. Carl has 15 years of professional experience in digital market research, working closely with clients while leading and executing projects. Carl’s career has spanned full service agencies, innovative research technology companies, and global panel companies.

Flattening the Curve and Filling Carts: What’s Next for Retail

During a normal May, retailers would be wrapping up their spring break sales and preparing for Mother’s Day, graduation and other typical summer promotions that would soon follow. However, this isn't a normal May, and many retailers are left scrambling to determine how they can adapt to an increasingly digital path to purchase. There’s no shaking…

Shopping in Place: How Quarantines Affect Grocery Carts

It may not come as a huge surprise, but in the current COVID-19 environment, we're seeing an unprecedented shift toward online shopping. Consumers are flocking to online platforms and downloading shopping apps on their phones. Headlines have described platforms like Instacart as being “overwhelmed.” Social distancing and online shopping are like chocolate and peanut butter (two…

Discovering and Appealing to Consumer Payment Preferences

Understanding the customer and their journey must include understanding the final step in any purchase: payment. What do people want from the payment process, which payment methods are preferred, why do people have these preferences, and how much does it affect their proclivity to purchase? Unpacking the answers is pivotal, as 88 percent of consumers…