Vanessa Cartwright

Vanessa Cartwright

Vanessa Cartwright is the CEO of Astound North America, a global brand experience agency specializing in the design and execution of memorable experiences for companies. 

Optimizing E-Commerce Conversion Rates in a Down Economy

With economic uncertainty feeling like the norm these days, many are looking at businesses that thrived during the recession of 2008, eager to glean clues as to the best way forward through today’s stormy seas. However, decision makers don’t have to travel as far back in time to find a blueprint for success. I believe…

How to Retain Your Customers and Attract New Ones in 2022

For retailers with an e-commerce business, COVID-19 drove an unprecedented increase in new customers who lacked the option or desire to enter a physical store to make their purchases. But as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, how can brands retain those customers? What steps can be taken now to make the most of this…