Uri Arad

Uri Arad

Uri Arad is co-founder and VP of product and research at Identiq, the anonymous verification network.

Post-Crisis, User Accounts May Be Your Weakest Link for Fraud

How would you feel if a thief broke into your house, opened all your drawers and rifled through your things … but didn’t steal anything? That sounds absurd, but that’s exactly the kind of scenario you’re setting up in the digital realm when your fraud team decides that the only thing that matters is the…

Managing the Fraud Prevention Risk Caused by Coronavirus

We’re all having to get used to a lot of changes during the current crisis, some more difficult than others. But there’s one group that excels at adapting. Unfortunately, this group is particularly good at finding new opportunities to succeed at other people’s — and companies’ — expense. Fraudsters are milking the situation already, and…