Troy Graham

Troy Graham

Troy Graham is the VP of Business Development at Descartes, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce.

The Holidays Might Be Behind Us, But Peak Season Logistics Challenges Are Far From Over

As 2019 continues, many retailers are preparing for a post-season pause and an off-peak lull. However, others must plan for peak periods that go beyond the traditional holiday season. Different types of companies experience seasonal peaks at different times of the year, and even “micro-peaks” throughout the year. Whether, for example, it’s New Year’s galvanizing…

5 Tips to Manage the Rush of Post-Holiday Product Returns

With the holiday buying fervor behind us, the avalanche of product returns begins. Given that U.S. retail holiday sales are on track to rise 4 percent to 4.5 percent this year — and, according to Deloitte forecasts, e-commerce sales are expected to hit between $111 to $114 billion during the 2017 holiday season — the…