Steve Covate

Steve Covate

Vice President of Sales Steve Covate leads Qtrac’s national sales team of software executives, technical sales engineers, and inside sales support in selling, configuring, servicing, and maintaining virtual queuing solutions to leading organizations across the globe. Experienced in developing strategic sales plans that promote growth and customer retention, Steve has successfully led sales efforts in a variety of industries including retail, airline, construction, transportation, government, hospitality, banking, education, stadium and arena, healthcare, and entertainment.

The Importance of Tracking Line Abandonment

A long wait in a crowded physical queue can undo the best customer experience. Even a short line that takes forever can torpedo your reputation with a customer. That said, you can consider a customer who decides to endure a long line a victory — you still made the sale and now just need to…

How to Increase Retail Sales in 2022 With Virtual Queuing

If the last two years have taught retailers anything, it might be that workforce trends can be just as unpredictable as consumer trends. The industry has always faced challenges in hiring and retaining talent, but the current labor shortage is nearly unprecedented. Workforce struggles paired with customers who are generally more finicky and impatient are…