Simon Jaffery-Reed

Simon Jaffery-Reed

Simon Jaffery-Reed is the VP of Product at Qubit, a personalization software.

As the Vice President of Product at Qubit, Simon Jaffery-Reed is responsible for the direction of the company’s product roadmap as well as overseeing product management, product specialists and product design teams.

Retailers Are Embracing Personalization to Win Big This Holiday Season

As hectic as major shopping holidays are, there's a method to the madness. Brands will be well on their way to putting their Black Friday and holiday campaigns into motion knowing that even the most airtight plans can fall victim to last-minute glitches, surprises and the inevitable headaches that go along with the break-neck pace…

Applying the Netflix Customer Experience to Retail

When historians look to this century, there will be quite a few companies that stand out. Tesla is one, as are Uber and Airbnb. However, the three consumer platforms that will truly be seen as forward thinking and disrupting “business as usual” are Spotify, Netflix and Instagram. All three of these platforms have dramatically changed…