Simon Hedaux

Simon Hedaux

Simon Hedaux is founder and CEO of Rethink Productivity, a world leading productivity partner which helps businesses to drive efficiency, boost productivity and optimise budgets.

Simon Hedaux started out on the shop floor and quickly progressed to Manager and then straight to Head Office. Becoming Productivity Manager at leading UK retailer Boots, he then became a Workforce Management Consultant before founding ReThink Productivity. In just nine years it has become one of the leading productivity consultancies — helping some of the world’s biggest businesses get ahead.

Post-COVID: How Retailers Can Improve Productivity

A quote from a leadership course I attended has stuck with me: “Leaders manage the context.” The tutor wanted us to appreciate the difference between management and leadership, and highlighted the need to look up and consider the changing environment. COVID-19 creates significant context changes, and retailers need to flex their operation in response. The…

Retail Call Centers: Improving Efficiency and Productivity

Retail call centers are an important step in many customer journeys, and for online customers they may be the only human interaction with the brand. Retailers have multiple ways to operate to fulfill the customer need. Should they be in-house or outsourced? Offshore or home-based? How do you expand capacity for business peaks? Whatever route…

8 Proven Ways to Boost Store Efficiency on Black Friday

The serious Black Friday players have been preparing for months. They've reviewed their operation and identified all the things they could do better in 2019. It’s big business, and for many retailers their holiday performance informs their whole year profits. Let’s assume you’re not one of the businesses with Black Friday meticulously planned. What can…