Scott Gifis

Scott Gifis

Scott Gifis is the president of AdRoll, an artificial intelligence-driven digital marketing and growth marketing platform. 

Customer Lifetime Value: The Most Underutilized Relationship in Marketing

Simply put, brands are addicted to customer acquisition. Driving net new sales and acquiring new customers is often the primary key performance indicator (KPI) for any given marketing campaign, leaving little to no resources devoted to the actual key business driver: repeat customer acquisition and lifetime value (LTV). Whether they’re selling to consumers, businesses or…

Mobile Shoppers’ Top 5 Demands of E-Commerce Brands

Retail is an increasingly digital world and, more recently, it’s mobile. In fact, Forrester’s 2018 Retail Best Practices: Mobile Web study found smartphones will play a role in over one-third of total U.S. retail sales in 2018. Consumers of all ages, from baby boomers to millennials, are using their mobile devices to make purchases, with…