Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey is executive vice president of Target Data, which unlocks the power of customer data through highly targeted marketing campaign execution.

5 Ways Retailers Can Optimize Their Use of Analytics

Most senior retail marketers now believe in the power of analytics to help them make decisions. However, too often these same marketers haven't set up the most efficient frameworks and tools to help them squeeze the most out of their analytics efforts. Meanwhile, they probably already have the data and tools they need to take…

Think Skinny, Not Just Big Data

For many retailers, developing a marketing database can be a daunting task. Your vision is a single source of data that's accessible to manage, analyze and report customer interactions. The reality is that developing this asset can be time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, once in place, there's no guarantee that the database will be used…

5 Tips for Improving Marketing Campaigns to Home Sellers

Consumers selling their home are a highly lucrative target for marketers, spending an average of $6,000 to $7,000 throughout the event. For retailers that sell furniture, home improvement tools, bedding, dishware and other moving-related products, it's essential to capture these consumers when they're most likely to be spending money.