Sam Bahreini

Sam Bahreini

Sam Bahreini is a serial entrepreneur and growth marketer, helping startups navigate from launch to scale.

Understanding the Evolution of Retail: What’s Next?

For the past five years or so, the doomsday horn has been sounding on brick-and-mortar retail establishments. Marketers, economic experts and even everyday shoppers believe these operations could soon go the way of the dinosaurs. However, the retail industry has shown resilience and that it deserves more credit than it gets. Emerging mobile shopping technologies…

How a Real-Time Feedback Loop Impacts Customer Service

Retail executives depend on hourly employees and local store management to deliver great customer experiences, execute merchandising strategies and drive sales. However, there are often disconnects between staff members and corporate management. Store employees can get bogged down in day-to-day operations and, in turn, they can miss opportunities to improve the overall customer experience. Real-Time…

How to Move From Traditional to Automated Retail Management

Anyone who’s worked in retail can testify that it’s largely driven by people. Whether they’re on the floor, in a private office or in the checkout line, all employees play a distinct role in the customer experience. In such a people-centric industry, the idea of automation may seem mechanic, drab or unresponsive. How could a…

How to Maximize Omnichannel Sales

Whether purchasing a car, a pair of shoes or a computer, both brick-and-mortar retail and e-tail have very important roles in the world of commerce. Retail acts as the showroom, where consumers can experience a product for the first time, while e-tail allows them to build confidence in the price they pay for a product as well as research all of their options in a convenient, real-time format. Choosing one over the other forces your customers to choose, too. And in today's competitive retail world, they'll likely choose the brand that offers both options.