Riikka Söderlund

Riikka Söderlund

Riikka Söderlund is the Marketing Director of Smartly.io, a website that automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity.


The Holiday Consumer Profile: A Look at Where Shoppers Are and How They're Buying

Consumer behaviors are constantly changing, and marketers face immense challenges trying to figure out what shoppers need and want, particularly in the tumultuous environment of the last two years. With the second pandemic holiday shopping season upon us, brands must leverage a combination of last year’s learnings with fresh data sources to form successful strategies.…

How an Online Retailer is Bracing for a World After IDFA

Since the first announcement in June 2020, online retailers have been preparing for the upcoming changes in IDFA tracking. Preparing for this has been a grueling process at times, where retailers must ensure that every aspect of their business is enabled to continue operations without significant risks to business once the upcoming iOS14 tracking changes…