Rick Maicki

Rick Maicki

Richard (Rick) Maicki is managing director, Corporate Finance at Berkeley Research Group (BRG), a leading global strategic advisory and expert consulting firm.

He has more than twenty-five years of business experience, with approximately fifteen years of consulting experience plus direct management roles within industry. He has extensive experience leading and advising Fortune 100 companies, with a focus on retail and consumer products companies.

Back-to-School a Big Opportunity for Retailers to Impress

Back-to-school (BTS) is a critically important selling period — and an opportunity to connect with shoppers before the holiday season. In a recently completed shopper survey, BRG Retail found consumers consistent in their expectations for BTS shopping, presenting a golden opportunity for retailers to strengthen their connection to customers. In the survey, we asked how…

Retail 2019: The Thinning of the Herd Continues

After a good start to the 2018 holiday selling season, December sales fell flat. Year-over-year (YOY) sales improved just 1.1 percent from December 2017, and overall holiday sales finished just 2.6 percent above 2017. Retailers felt the impact to their gross margin line and now face potential inventory issues due to lower-than-expected December sales. Thus…

Disruptive Shifts Demand Precision From Retailers

Retail executives know they're facing a more challenging environment. Major disruptive changes in recent years have helped fuel the rise of online retail, changed how retailers communicate with consumers, and challenged every aspect of the traditional retail model.