Ra Cooper

Ra Cooper
Creative Cut

The Literary Calligraphy catalog’s product collection is a blend of poetry and nature’s finest images, captured by calligrapher and designer Susan Loy. After reading its story cover to cover, I was hooked. I found the merchandise charming. Each piece appears specially chosen for its grace and inspiration, pulling messages from the Bible and much-loved authors. Art and copy teams work together beautifully in creating the items. Ironically, they weren’t as successful assembling the catalog, which just isn’t an effective sales tool. As a direct mail vehicle, Literary Calligraphy’s catalog needs to use the best practices of direct mail. The artwork inside the

Creative Cut: Green Mountain Sticks to its Green Word

In the ever-improving world of coffee, the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters catalog has a clear focus, which is simply stated in the opening of the president’s letter: “Coffee is more than just something to drink; it’s a powerful connection to each other, and to the rest of the world.” In this catalog, coffee is the world’s language. You read it in the letter. You see it in the merchandise selection. Green Mountains’ mission is to support the global community. Many businesses make this their intention, but with Green Mountain, it’s a reality, evidenced on every page of its catalog. From the onset, I felt

Web Exclusive: More on Green Mountain

Design Issues The use of a color band works as a design tool when it ties in copy and photo for a quick read for the customer. But on pg. 45, the vertical color band actually confuses the issue. It contains a headline for cocoa, cookies and coffee, but the photo is for marshmallows, which are sold on the opposite page. More confusion: The copy beneath the marshmallows is the Winter Essentials Gift (photographed in the right-hand corner). The copy beneath Winter Essentials is for a mug. Direct mail ordering is to be quick and hassle free, not a puzzle. There are numerous examples throughout