Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta is the CEO and founder of Netomi. He spent much of his career as a tech entrepreneur as well as on Wall Street building trading AI. He has been recognized as a member of Advertising Age’s Creativity 50 list, and Business Insider’s Silicon Alley 100 and 35 Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs You Need To Meet.

Long Wait Times and Dwindling Patience: The Top Customer Service Frustrations in 2022

While consumer expectations for effortless, personal and speedy interactions with customer service agents have been steadily on the rise, these expectations have increased even more since the COVID-19 pandemic, as the shift to digital has accelerated. A company with artificial intelligence (AI)-first customer experience at its core, we at Netomi were keen to dig deeper…

4 Ways Retailers Are Using AI This Holiday Season

For some of the most customer-centric retailers, artificial intelligence will be hard at work this holiday season. While there are many applications of AI for the e-commerce industry year-round, there are a few that are uniquely suited for the holiday rush this year. The global pandemic squeezed budgets for more established retailers, while influencer and…