Pedro Fortuna

Pedro Fortuna

CTO and Co-Founder of Jscrambler, Pedro Fortuna has extensive experience in academia and as a security researcher. Pedro has co-authored several application security patents. He is an active member of the AppSec community, contributing to OWASP and regularly speaking at events such as OWASP AppSec USA, DEFCON, and BSides SF.

How Retailers Should Address Magecart Web Skimming Attacks

In my previous article about Magecart web skimming attacks, I recapped some of the noteworthy victims of this cybercriminal collective and how attackers managed to breach them. Today, security teams in retail are mostly aware of this threat, however, navigating the different technologies and products that claim to be effective towards Magecart isn’t an easy…

The Growing Threat of Web Skimming Attacks in Retail

Magecart was certainly one of the most infamous names in 2020 when it came to cybercrime in retail. Just a few years ago, the notion of having cybercriminals silently place a skimmer in your own e-commerce website would sound absurd. Yet, to date, thousands of retailers have been breached, unknowingly allowing attackers to steal their…