Patrick Tripp

Patrick Tripp

Patrick Tripp is vice president of product strategy at RedPoint Global, a customer engagement technology leader.

Consumer and Retailer Marketing Opinions Towards One Another Don’t Add Up

There's pressure for brands to compete on customer experience (CX) in nearly every industry. Retail marketers, in particular, are pressured to meet growing expectations from today’s empowered customer for an experience tailored to their preferences at every stage of their specific journey. For retailers, this change may seem daunting, as companies must update their business…

The Customer Journey: 5 Tips for the 5-Minute Service Window

The customer journey as marketers have known it is dead. In the age of omnichannel retail, customers getting from point A to point B is a more fractured experience than ever. The pace of customer expectations means that the window of time to engage, send the right offer or respond to an action is shrinking.…