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On Levey
5 Ways Online Shoppers Mentally Grade Websites

Recent Forrester studies report that online shopping will account for 53 percent of retail sales in 2014. That's a lot of new eyes looking at your website! With traffic increasing to your e-commerce site, it's a great time to review what shoppers are looking for. A well-designed site can create a positive experience, resulting in more sales and repeat visits. Here are our my tips for giving consumers what they want:

Tips for Strengthening a Growing Business Brand

Creating and managing your brand can be very simple. It starts with the people in your organization. Usually that's the first thing organizations forget. The key is to keep it clear, keep it consistent and keep it alive. While you're building out your team, you must make sure that everyone understands the brand completely or nothing will be seamless. Here's a simple list of steps to help solidify your brand, basics first:

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Solution Allows Orbring.com to Expand Sales Channels

When gymnasts attempt a new tumbling move, having a high-quality mat beneath their feet gives them the confidence to soar higher. So when Orbring.com, a seller of professional-quality gymnastic mats used in schools, gyms, martial arts studios and more, wanted to expand sales into multiple new channels, it knew it needed a way to proactively and confidently manage its inventory.

5 Tips to Manage Holiday Inventory to Maximize Sales

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us, the online holiday retail season is in full swing. For retailers who are ready, it can mean racking up a significant percentage of the year's sales. In fact, online holiday sales growth is forecasted to be in the double-digits for the third year in a row, to the tune of $78 billion in 2013, according to Forrester Research. During November and December alone, retailers will capture one-third of their total sales for the year. Are you prepared to make the most of this potentially very profitable season?