Oliver Tan

Oliver Tan

Oliver Tan is the co-founder and CEO of ViSenze, a company that provides artificial intelligence-based visual search and image recognition solutions that help retailers improve revenue and conversions.

The Road to In-Store Success is Paved With AI

In today’s modern world, connectivity is key. This is true for most facets of everyday life — how we communicate, how we travel, even how we shop. Consumers expect their physical experiences to be highly connected, with technology serving as a life raft for any troublesome or inconvenient situations they encounter. But despite their elevated…

How Technology Has Radically Transformed Retail

Retail no longer solely means walking into a store or going to a website when searching for something to buy. The “if” factor of finding desired products is now “when” and “how,” and the possibilities for purchase are endless. Today, retail is about the experience — finding the best price, shopping in your preferred mediums, accessing…