Nick Stagge

Nick Stagge

Nick Stagge is the senior director of marketing and head of brand strategy for Experticity.

The Overgrown Retail Landscape is Due for Pruning

My seven-year-old son, Hendrix, has quite the green thumb. Last winter, we started preparing for our upcoming gardening season. Together, we researched what types of fruits and vegetables we wanted to plant, and we plotted it against our garden footprint. Hendrix was diligent in making sure each plant had everything it needed to be healthy…

This is the Evolution of Retail

Many are calling this the retail apocalypse. Recent reports estimate over 8,600 retail locations will shut down in 2017. By comparison, 6,200 retail stores closed their doors during 2008’s economic downturn — an all-time high at the time. Retailers like The Sports Authority have vanished, and others are quickly realizing the same fate: Gander Mountain,…