Natasa Djukanovic

Natasa Djukanovic

An economist by education, Natasa Djukanovic is the CMO of Domain.ME, the international tech company that operates the internet domain “.ME.” Natasa is an activist, startup mentor and one of the key people that impacted the development of the digital and startup community of Montenegro. She is the co-founder of Digitalizuj.Me, an NGO that examines the transformative power of technology through various projects and lectures, and, one of the biggest tech/business conferences in Southeast Europe.

How to Launch a Thoughtful Chatbot Strategy

In times such as these, when we're asked to stay at home and do our part to #flattenthecurve and help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, retail businesses around the world are experiencing changes in their usual ways of doing business. With more and more cases of coronavirus reported on a daily basis, people are reluctant to…

How Retailers Can Optimize Their Online Presence for Voice Search

With the growth of voice search and the media buzz surrounding it, it can be a challenge to separate the truth from the hype. All of the biggest brands have a hand in the market, and they all want you to use their voice search service, be it Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant.…