Molly Schonthal

Molly Schonthal

Molly Schonthal is the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Salsify, a product experience management platform.

Sitting at the intersection between digital innovation, marketing, e-commerce and technology, Molly has succeeded in mobilizing large organizations like Wrigley, Mars and Nokia around important opportunities, re-framing strategies taking the (technology-enabled) future into mind. Throughout her career, Molly has been a pioneer in connecting technology to business growth. At Mars, she built the first cross-functional (sales + marketing), cross-segment (confections, pet, food) technology roadmap and tripled funding for these initiatives in just under 3 years. Molly, once a Salisfy customer, now sits on the “other side of the table in her dream job,  helping Salsify and its customers imagine the future and balance what’s needed with what’s next.

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