Mike Herrick

Mike Herrick

Mike Herrick is SVP of technology at Airship, the #1 customer engagement platform for enterprise brands.

2 Amazon Prime Day-Inspired Takeaways for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

With vaccinated consumers returning to stores, retailers are looking to this summer and fall as a chance to regain momentum before the crucial holiday season. In June, the retail industry got a peek into what’s ahead with Amazon.com's Prime Day, the annual sales extravaganza put on by the U.S.’s largest e-commerce player with competition from…

With Contactless Shopping Becoming the Norm, Retailers Should Embrace Mobile Wallets

The COVID-19 pandemic has recently accelerated the adoption of “contactless” technologies. Zoom and other video-conferencing platforms have scaled massively, and employers are now anticipating an era when working from home is normal rather than an exception to the rule. Universities are contemplating e-learning being almost as core to their curriculum as on-campus classes. And the…