Mike Debnar

Mike Debnar

Mike is a former Medallia customer from 7-Eleven, Inc. where he served in a joint role as Vice President/Co-founder of 7-Ventures as well as leader of the Digital Innovation team.  He is known as a visionary and transformative thinker, Mike led 7-Eleven in defining the strategy for customer experience and innovation.       

Mike focuses on helping the sales organization in three ways.  First, he brings a customer perspective to sales cycles and is able to communicate the benefits of Medallia in the first person.  Second, Mike helps develop custom sales strategies, including executive summaries, presentation talk tracks and flow, and prospect specific use cases and one-pagers.  Lastly, Mike studies the marketplace and helps Medallia build, buy, or partner with products that help accelerate sales cycles and get bigger deals (Kampyle acquisition for example)

Mike holds a degree in management information systems (MIS) from University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and is a frequent guest lecturer at Texas A&M University on the topic of innovation.

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