Melissa Wong

Melissa Wong

Melissa Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Retail Zipline, the leading communication and execution platform for retailers, and has over a decade of experience working in retail. Last year, Melissa raised $9.6 million in funding led by Emergence with participation from Serena Williams through her venture firm, Serena Ventures. Her company powers communications for major global retailers including Gap Inc., Lush Cosmetics, the Lego Group, and others and has collectively saved brands millions of dollars by improving communication and execution.

Reframing 'The Great Resignation' as an Opportunity for Great Reflection

In the wake of the pandemic, workers across every industry — technology, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, etc. — are putting in their two-weeks notice in favor of better pay, increased flexibility and equitable working conditions. Dubbing it “The Great Resignation,” amongst the hardest hit by mass employee exodus is the retail industry. According to the U.S.…

The 'Best Companies to Work For' All Have This One Thing in Common

In December, HBR took a look at what makes the “Best Companies to Work For” different from their competitors and uncovered a few common themes. The researchers found that these companies focus on their employees’ “life satisfaction,” not just job satisfaction. They provide ample opportunities for team members to build a highly matrixed career around…