Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron is the Vice President of New Stream Media at Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company that uses data, technology, and analytics to help the world’s best brands make their advertising more addressable, their experiences more personal, and manage relationships over time.

Retail Media Networks: The World Beyond Amazon

Five years ago, the term “retail media network” (RMN) was synonymous with Today, the landscape looks much different. Numerous brands, from grocers and pharmacies to pet supply stores and delivery services, now offer retail media networks. Advertisers are starting to shift budgets, but Amazon is still a key player, capturing 45 percent of consumer…

The Evolution of Customer Experience Management in Retail

Over the past year, the shift to e-commerce has accelerated across nearly every industry sector. As customers relied heavily on digital channels, brands needed to create meaningful customer experiences with shoppers through a screen. What consumer behaviors and expectations have changed, and how can retailers and brands adapt? Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty Changed During the…