Meagan White

Meagan White

Meagan White is the head of marketing at Kibo, a composable commerce platform designed to simplify the complexities of delivering modern customer experiences that span order management, e-commerce, and subscription services. Previously, she led the North America marketing and sales development team at MoEngage. She has more than a decade of marketing leadership experience within the Martech, customer experience, and content management sectors, managing marketing strategies in various functions, including demand generation, digital marketing, product marketing, and communications. She holds a master’s degree from Boston University.

Enabling Real-Time Communication With SMS

With increasing emphasis on omnichannel strategy when engaging customers, real-time communication becomes essential as more and more consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via SMS. Consider the following data: 8 percent of Americans opt for SMS as their preferred communication channel to receive transactional updates; and 3 percent of American consumers wish to receive…

To Capitalize on Customer Engagement, Retailers Need to Dive Deeper Into Customer Insights

The digital landscape is evolving at lightning speed. Retailers are overwhelmed due to the multifaceted nature of their work that requires them to manage multiple digital channels, work with different tools, analyze data, and make faster decisions. The increasing number of Martech solutions makes it even more complex — 9,932 in 2022 compared with 7,040…