Marcel Caballero

Marcel Caballero

Marcel Caballero is business development manager for Stalco, a logistics and fulfillment company providing a gateway to the Canadian market. Since 1994 Stalco has been assisting U.S. companies with all of their Canadian logistics needs, including importation, customs clearance, Health Canada compliance, storage, inventory management, pick-and-pack fulfillment services, and shipping. Stalco works to ensure your product gets into the Canadian market in a matter of days while guaranteeing the lowest shipping rates, and without customs delays or surprise charges for duty and taxes.

Too Many Abandoned Carts? Don’t Blame Shipping Costs

We all know you can’t close a sale every time someone clicks on a "Buy Now" button on your website. There are dozens of studies showing cart abandonment rates in the 65 percent to 80 percent range. Some of those people are just kicking the tires and aren’t going to buy today, but too many…

Why Am I Losing My Online Canadian Shoppers?

Americans often affectionately call Canada the 51st state. Population wise, it would be the second largest state after California and the province of Ontario alone would be the fifth largest. U.S. online retailers are flocking to Canada as it was recently identified as an "ideal market" for retailers looking for cross-border e-commerce opportunities. However, as…