Matt Voda

Matt Voda

Matt Voda is the CEO of Optimine Software, an industry leader in cloud-based cross-channel marketing analytics and optimization. Matt brings deep experience and a proven track record of cloud-based technology and analytics success to his role at OptiMine. Matt joined OptiMine from United Health Group where he led consumer marketing within the $40B Optum division, developing and deploying sophisticated analytics-driven approaches to yield significant gains in engagement and ROI. Matt also spent 11 years at Digital River as VP of Product Management developing the world’s first cloud-based e-commerce platform, a high scale enterprise offering handling over $30B in e-commerce transactions, across 80 countries.

Consumer Data Privacy: The Wave About to Hit Retail

The consumer data privacy topic may feel like a slow rolling, deep water wave, far offshore without imminent threat, but in reality, there are many waves rapidly gaining in size and speed, and they’re hitting all at once. The first ripples started several years ago in the European Union with an abstract-sounding acronym “GDPR” and…

Why the 2020 Holiday Season Will Look Drastically Different for Retailers

On Jan. 1, 2020, the world as marketers in the United States previously knew it changed drastically. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went live, and with it significant restrictions were suddenly placed on marketers and marketing technology vendors, specifically those that collect, use and/or sell consumer data. The road to gathering marketing data suddenly…