Matthieu Blandineau

Matthieu Blandineau

Matthieu Blandineau is a product marketing manager at Algolia, the leading search and discovery API for website and mobile apps. In this role he focuses on marketing and strategy for Algolia’s retail solutions. Matthieu is passionate about packaging advanced technologies to help retailers achiever their goals and offer their customers the best user experience.

The 4 Factors of Quality Search and Discovery

For years, companies like and Google have been redefining customer expectations for shopping online, offering instant, personalized products tailored to their customers' wants and needs. The State of Search and Discovery report shows that strategically investing in search is not only vital for satisfying e-commerce customers, it's also pivotal for nontechnical users like product…

Innovators in E-Commerce: How Retail is Progressing in the Site Search Maturity Model

Now, more than ever, retailers are realizing that search functionality is a critical component to success with an e-commerce website. In the recent 2018 Internet Retailer KPIs & Site Search Survey, 103 e-commerce companies were asked how their organization’s search functions impact their key performance indicators (KPIs). The report highlights that although retailers are starting…