Matthew Pavich

Matthew Pavich

Matthew Pavich is the managing director of global strategic consulting for Revionics, an Aptos company, where he develops data-informed, industry-leading pricing strategies, processes, analytics and organizational fluency to help retailers meet the challenges of today’s increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape.

3 Lessons for Building a Pricing-Fluent Organization

For retailers, creating a pricing strategy is an art and a science. A pricing team must balance customer focus, the competition, and a number of moving factors. And just like learning a new language, it takes dedication to develop the skill and confidently become fluent. Presently, retailers have an opportunity to become pricing-fluent organizations by…

Fundamental Questions for Understanding Your Pricing Perception 

It’s often said that perception is reality. How a brand or product is perceived by a consumer is more real to them than a retailer may realize, and that can be hard to overcome. According to a Price Optimization RSR Benchmark Study conducted in March 2020, 34 percent of "retail winners" indicate that a top…