Matt Dion

Matt Dion
Interconnected Digital Store Platforms: The Holy Grail of Customer Service

We’ve been hearing about the "Store of the Future" for some time now. Retail executives have spent the past 18 months experimenting with digital store technologies such as contextual digital displays, in-store sensors, beacons and analytics. These early pilot projects have yielded some successes, increasing customer convenience and unlocking new value as shoppers opt to…

Think You’ve Nailed Omnichannel Commerce? Think Again

If you thought implementing omnichannel commerce was tough enough, just wait until later this year. At its recent "Google I/O" conference for developers, Google announced two significant products that will impact your omnichannel commerce strategy: digital payments and search commerce. On the digital payments front, Google has pulled the wraps off its Apple Pay killer,…

Will 2015 Be the Year the ‘Store of the Future’ Takes Off?

To make the store of the future a reality in 2015, CIOs and CMOs should evaluate digital experience platforms based on how well commerce and content technologies integrate with each other. Anything less, and you may have some explaining to do with your customers.