Martin Hitch

Martin Hitch

Martin Hitch is the co-founder and chief business officer at Bossa Nova, a robotics company that provides product inventory data for retail.

The Rush to Real-Time Data: Automation Powers Next-Generation Retail Insights

In today’s digital world, data is worth its proverbial weight in gold. However, it’s not enough for retailers to just collect data to win the retail wars; they need to have a strategy to distill and apply insights from the data. For example, inventory data is particularly ripe for strategic use. By synthesizing information about…

Survey: Automation is the Key to Retailers’ Success

The retail industry is at a critical inflection point. The biggest brick-and-mortar stores are facing significant external pressures, and today’s customers have come to expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience, every time. To better understand how retailers are faring in this uncharted retail era, Bossa Nova partnered with Wakefield Research to survey corporate retail professionals…