Mark Burstein

Mark Burstein

Mark Burstein is the EVP, Industry Principal, Logility, the supply chain leader entrusted by the world’s leading brands to deliver a digital, sustainable supply chain that powers the resilient enterprise.

Going Viral: How Fashion Brands Can Rely on Demand Sensing in the TikTok Era

Apparel organizations that fail to plan might as well plan to fail, particularly in the TikTok and Instagram era. The power of social media has never been more apparent to fashion brands, which, because of influencers, sell out of much-wanted items faster than they can make them — inadvertently sending shoppers elsewhere. For instance, after…

Fashion Retail’s Latest Challenge: Tracing Ethical Sourcing

As international clothing manufacturers investigate their sourcing matrices and respond to recent bans imposed by government agencies such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection on most of China’s cotton crop, brands and retailers are coming under scrutiny by shoppers who want ethically sourced fashion. This is about more than just delivering quality products at low…