Mark Bunney

Mark Bunney

Mark Bunney is director of GTM strategy at Ingenico Group, a French-based company whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions.

The Future of Customer Loyalty (and the Tech That Defines it) is in Millennials’ Hands

Businesses have become all too quick to market to Gen Z, the emerging buyers continuing to dominate headlines. However, it could be dangerous to focus so heavily on these new consumers when we’ve barely begun to understand millennial shoppers. Looking ahead is important, but brands are just chasing the shiny new object by pivoting right…

3 Retail Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

The dust has settled following the “retail apocalypse” of 2018, and the numbers reveal that retail’s radical transformation is more nuanced than we once thought. While headlines in early 2019 spelled the end of retail, data from IHL Group shows otherwise. In 2019, retailers announced 2,965 more store openings than closings. Certain retailers led the…