Mario Ciabarra

Mario Ciabarra

Mario Ciabarra is founder and CEO of Quantum Metric, a digital intelligence platform that enables modern enterprises to quickly deliver exceptional online experiences.

In 2015, Mario founded Quantum Metric to help enterprises understand where they can improve their digital customer experience. Previously founding and exiting an APM startup which solved where enterprise applications can be improved, Mario saw the natural next step was to solve where the entire digital journey could improve.

Fine-Tuning Retail Digital Transformation: Starting From the Inside Out

Digital transformation has become an inescapable mandate across all industries, especially retail. Providing consumers with an excellent online shopping experience and going beyond their expectations are critical measures of a retailer’s success. Customers’ demands are constantly changing, and retailers’ digital transformation efforts must reflect this as always-on, not a one-and-done process. Nonetheless, we're still seeing…

Why Retailers Must Prioritize Digital Customer Experiences to Maximize Holiday Sales

The digital transformation of the retail industry has changed consumer behavior drastically. Online shoppers expect an instantly gratifying and seamless experience. Anything that prevents them from completing a purchase will effectively leave them empty-handed with a bitter taste in their mouth — not only hurting loyalty, but also a retailer’s revenue. The test of a…