Mariia Bocheva

Mariia Bocheva

Mariia Bocheva is a Business Development Executive at OWOX BI, a leading technology partner for Google in EMEA. Bocheva has 6+ years of experience in marketing and product management. She’s managed multiple departments and has worked her way up from the role of Support Manager.

Over the last five years, Mariia has worked with the largest multichannel retailers in the EMEA region and learned a lot about their pains and gains.

Segment Those Who Care Most: RFM Analysis for Retail

Divide and conquer is not only Caesar’s motto but also a great piece of advice for modern retailers. Once you’ve collected information on your customer base in your CRM system or loyalty program, you need to analyze it. You should reveal everything your data may know about your customers and use those insights to grow…

Offline Retail With an Online Tail: Who Wags Whom?

Each shop, even the tiniest, dreams of becoming a giant with great online and offline sales. But when companies have both online and offline sales, reasonable questions come up: How do the online and offline domains influence each other? How can you profit from this influence? The Meaning of ROPO The research online, purchase offline…