Michael Manlapas

Michael Manlapas

Michael Manlapas is U.S. vice president and general manager of MetaPack.  With 20 years of experience with enterprise software focused on retail operation, his responsibilities at MetaPack include overseeing the staff and day-to-day functions of the organization in the U.S.

Retailers Must Get Delivery Right, or Risk Losing Customers

Today’s sophisticated cyber shoppers continue to transform the retail landscape. Demanding innovation and excellence in every channel, they expect to take control of their online retail experience — and that includes where, when and how delivery happens. In fact, according to MetaPack's 2017 State of eCommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report, which collates the views of…

Great Expectations: Online Shoppers Call the Delivery Shots

Today’s digital consumers are placing ever greater demands on e-commerce providers to "get delivery right" or lose their business. Indeed, delivery is now a key differentiating factor that has a significant impact on consumer online purchasing decisions. According to the findings of the recent MetaPack 2016 State of E-Commerce Delivery Consumer Research Report, 61 percent…