Lynne Capozzi

Lynne Capozzi

Lynne Capozzi is chief marketing officer at Acquia, a digital experience technology company.

Marketers: To Meet Consumer Expectations, Don’t Miss the Privacy Mark

The proliferation of everything from social media apps to streaming services means one thing: data is everywhere. When used correctly, data can be extremely beneficial. Increased access to consumer insights has made it easier for marketers to analyze customer preferences and deliver engaging, hyperpersonalized digital experiences. However, this creates privacy risks for individuals and brands…

3 Ways for Marketers to Overcome the Trust Gap and Build Brand Loyalty

With 2019 in full swing, retail marketers are recovering from the biggest drop in holiday-season sales since 2009. Not only was it a tough holiday season, but U.S. consumer confidence may be declining as well. Marketers are under the gun to perform against these odds, and building and maintaining customer trust is the key to…