Lexi Sydow

Lexi Sydow

Lexi Sydow is the senior market insights manager at App Annie, an app analytics and app market data firm.

Gen Z Drives Brick-and-Mortar Stores to Mobile

In the U.S. alone, as of September 2019, Gen Z influences an estimated $600 billion in spending each year. As the first digitally native population, Gen Z utilizes mobile more than any previous generation — after all, 98 percent of them own a smartphone. Even further, App Annie data shows that those in Gen Z (those…

App Metrics Retailers Need for Success

Brick-and-mortar retail isn't dead, but the rules have changed. Digital commerce has disrupted the entire industry, and mobile apps are at the center of that change. The average annual growth of e-commerce has increased to $40 billion over the past three years, with mobile driving 44 percent of retailers’ online traffic. This totals to 31…