Laura Stude

Laura Stude

Laura Stude is co-founder of surefoot, a boutique experimentation and personalization agency helping ecommerce brands and SaaS companies better understand customers and boost revenue through strategic experimentation programs.

Laura gives a damn about helping ecommerce brands grow. She cut her A/B testing teeth as a developer and strategist for clients like Keurig, Adidas and Patagonia before packing her bags to run optimization at Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

Test Your Way to E-Commerce Success

Today, a retailer’s website is more important than ever. With the coronavirus pandemic dictating where consumers make purchases — increasingly online — retailers have no time for “moving target” projects like website redesigns. As studies show that one-third of marketers are unhappy with their most recent website redesign, it’s time for progressive retailers to improve website…

Use E-Commerce Data to Boost In-Store Sales as Retail Reopens

Best-selling or trending products are often displayed on a retailer’s homepage. It’s time for retailers to take e-commerce sales data and improve in-store visual merchandising. After all, aren’t window displays essentially a retailer’s homepage come to life? Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, apparel brands have seen casual and athleisure sales soar. Savvy apparel brands with…