Kyle Dulay

Kyle Dulay

Kyle Dulay is the Co-Founder of Collabstr, a platform allowing brands to find and hire influencers for various social media sites.

What Retailers Should Know About Influencer Marketing

Advertising took a drastic shift in a new direction when social media became a prevalent form of communicating and sharing ideas. The concept of the influencer put marketing in the hands of everyday users who amassed a trusting following. Based on 2023 influencer marketing reports, influencer advertising is as important as ever, with the market…

How to Create Successful Content and Reach the Right Audience on TikTok

If there’s one social media platform that's undoubtedly in full swing, it’s TikTok. Brands have become desperate to get their employees on TikTok, and luxury companies are putting all their marketing efforts into hiring TikTok influencers. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses are left to pick through a motley assortment of low-tier influencers to stir brand…