Kris Tait

Kris Tait

Kris Tait is Managing Director at Croud, a global digital marketing agency powered by the best talent, custom-built tech and the world’s first crowd-sourced network of digital experts.

Retailers Must Bring Brand to the (Third) Party

Retail has had it tough. As consumers, we may be emerging from the pandemic with pent-up demand and a clutch of savings ready to spend, but it’s come too late for many businesses. No one was too big to fail. From Francesca’s to Century 21, big names tumbled among the 128 national retailers to declare bankruptcy…

Black Friday: Boosting Business Year-Round

Black Friday is synonymous with excited queues of shoppers stretching around the block, eager to get their hands on a bargain before Christmas. It has traditionally been about the excitement of the moment rather than a means for retailers to build long-term customer relationships. However, with e-commerce there's an opportunity to get to know customers…