Keith LaFerriere

Keith LaFerriere

Keith LaFerriere is the SVP, chief experience officer at Verndale. From creative director to UX thought leader and back again, Keith has taken on just about every industry since he began creating and exploring in the ‘digital’ world over 18 years ago. At Verndale, he works across all accounts and is responsible for the creative and user experience practices.

Forget the Sale! Where’s the Loyalty in Holiday Shopping?

The holidays are on a fast-and-furious pace to smash head-on into our collective shopping carts. And there’s no better time for your bottom line than the holidays to hit the “sale” button and get people to take your inventory off your hands. Am I right? But what about the mind-set of your current, loyal shoppers?…

5 Ways Pokémon Go is Validating Augmented Reality in Retail

Pokémon Go. It’s so big right now it has its own meme catalog (it’s about 50 percent NSFW, so I’ll eschew the direct link, but please feel free to do some searches on your own), it’s sparked tens of thousands of social interactions and even if you don’t love it and spend time joking about…