Kathleen Egan

Kathleen Egan

Kathleen Egan is VP of Customer Success at Wiser. Wiser collects and analyzes online and offline data with unmatched speed, scale and accuracy for brands, retailers and more. Follow @wiserdata.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers’ Secret Weapon: Unified Commerce

In the age of omnichannel, almost every retailer has an app, website, brick-and-mortar presence, mobile and email promotions, and more. There's such a thing as having “too much siloed omnichannel,” and disparate channels can mean a confusing and disorderly shopping experience for the customer. While omnichannel was a step in the progression from the retailer…

From Wannamaker to Walmart: The Evolution of Retail

Modern retail as we know it had to start somewhere. From price tags, coupons and shopping carts, to customized in-store experiences, the “endless aisle” and zero-waste supply chains, the industry has evolved beyond our wildest imaginations. But how did we get from retail 1.0 to where we are today? Modern Retail is Born Retail began…