Justin Cramer

Justin Cramer

Justin Cramer is Global Project Management Director and Co-Founder at ProShip, Inc, the global provider of today’s #1 multi-carrier shipping software. Throughout his time at ProShip, Cramer has designed shipping solutions responsible for executing more than 1.1 million labels per day and has worked with many small to global shippers on achieving certified carrier labels.

Teamwork Makes the Shipping Dream Work

What’s the one part of order fulfillment that almost every department has a hand in? You guessed it: shipping. This last step of the fulfillment process can make or break your bottom line and can completely change the customer experience from excellent to unsatisfactory. This makes shipping one of the most important plays in the…

Take a Page From Amazon’s Shipping Playbook

Every retailer and shipper is constantly trying to keep up with Amazon.com. Some are even chasing the ultimate accomplishment of surpassing the online retail giant. Similarly, even Amazon pushes itself to be the best, as it knows that with each conquered goal there's higher expectations from customers waiting for it. As retailers imagine Amazon flipping…