Judd Marcello

Judd Marcello

Judd Marcello is the EVP of Global Marketing at Cheetah Digital, the largest independent enterprise marketing technology company in the world.  

Marcello oversees a global team that is responsible for all aspects of the brand, demand generation, digital marketing, corporate communications and sales development. A marketer at heart, Judd has more than 20 years’ experience delivering high-impact B2C and B2B marketing leadership in the software, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics and food and beverage industries across the UK, US, Australian and European markets. Prior to joining Cheetah Digital, he held senior marketing roles at several companies, including Canon, Salesforce, ExactTarget and Smartling.

How to Gain a 360-Degree View of the Customer

We’ve all heard the advice: meet customers where they are. But what does that actually mean for modern marketers? Years ago, this strategy was fairly easy to execute as brands could focus on a handful of channels (e.g., billboards and direct mail) and retain loyal customers. Today, the marketing landscape is far more complex. Customers…

The 3 Components to Emotional Loyalty

For brands today, the battle for customer loyalty is more difficult than ever before. Rather than sticking to one brand, many customers are selecting products based on a variety of factors like price, overall purchasing experience, and reviews from family and friends. In fact, recent studies show 81 percent of consumers trust their friends and family’s…