Jordan Ekers

Jordan Ekers

Jordan Ekers is co-founder and COO of Nudge, the top-rated communication platform for frontline employees. He’s worked with many of North America’s leading retail brands to design transformative approaches for executing the brand promise and empowering frontline teams. Jordan is a Forbes Council Member and has been a speaker and conference chair at major industry events, such as NRF’s Big Show and the Future Stores series, as well as a guest on BNN Bloomberg.

What Retail Leaders Can Learn From Taco Bell's DEI Initiatives

Employers across every industry should be creating equal opportunities for their frontline employees. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by adopting the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). But what does DEI truly mean? It can look different for each company, but essentially, as BuiltIn put it, "DEI is any policy…

3 Data-Backed Ways to Drive Worker Retention, Productivity, Revenue and More

What do retail workers want? This is the question I’m hearing from every retailer I’ve spoken to in the past year. As we strive to find some sense of post-pandemic normalcy — or at least start to understand what our new normal looks like — retail organizations are struggling to battle rising costs and heightened…